Tuesday, July 23, 2013

11 Star Trek: The Ultimate Follies

The creator of this series, which consists of dolls being moved around by visible hands, is Mike Reed.   He says the series was begun in 1994, and that it is the work of him and his wife.  Season 1 was completed before the birth of his first child.  That event has delayed season 2 indefinitely.

This placement is tentative.  I have not watched the entire series, and Episode 1 is borderline between being placed here and being placed at Star Trek Restricted.

So, be warned.  Drug and sexual situations.  Not for children.  But I'm not sure it's quite R rated.  Borderline.

Mr. Reed was kind enough to clarify the order of his work as follows:

There are 6 episodes in season 1:
EP 01 - Adventure On Tiki Island
EP 02 - Captain's Jihad
EP 03 - The Handicaptain
EP 04 - Enter The Brown Fist
EP 05 - Fear Of The Bloogen
EP 06 - Operation Smakback
Episode 2, Captain's Jihad was never released on VIMEO.
As far as I know, Episode 2 is not on the internet at all.

Here are links to the episodes which are available for viewing:

Star Trex: The Ultimate Follies (Dolls moved around by hand, parody, adult fan). 
Season 1
Episode 1, Adventure on Tiki Island https://vimeo.com/32562700 (17:55)  Drugs and sexual situations, but presented in a negative fashion.
Episode 3, The Handicaptain  https://vimeo.com/32960513 (20:30)
Episode 4, Enter the Brown Fist  https://vimeo.com/41148562 (25:24)
Episode 5: Fear of the Bloogen, The Star Trex Halloween Special https://vimeo.com/32251520 (22:59) , 
Episode 6: Operation Smakback: https://vimeo.com/37619340  (27:12)

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