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16. When Stars Collide.

When Star Collide.  A married Warsie couple confronts the wife's secret passion for Star Trek.  Foul language, sexual scenes.

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15. Star Trek/Archer aka Starcher Trek

Star Trek/Archer aka Starcher Trek. Warning: Raunchy.  Possible move to Star Trek Restricted.
Starcher Trek
All 4 Episodes, most recent first:
Episode 1 (1:08)
Episode 2 (1:16)
Episode 3 (1:15)
Episode 4 (1:15)

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11 Star Trek: The Ultimate Follies

The creator of this series, which consists of dolls being moved around by visible hands, is Mike Reed.   He says the series was begun in 1994, and that it is the work of him and his wife.  Season 1 was completed before the birth of his first child.  That event has delayed season 2 indefinitely.

This placement is tentative.  I have not watched the entire series, and Episode 1 is borderline between being placed here and being placed at Star Trek Restricted.

So, be warned.  Drug and sexual situations.  Not for children.  But I'm not sure it's quite R rated.  Borderline.

Mr. Reed was kind enough to clarify the order of his work as follows:

There are 6 episodes in season 1:
EP 01 - Adventure On Tiki Island
EP 02 - Captain's Jihad
EP 03 - The Handicaptain
EP 04 - Enter The Brown Fist
EP 05 - Fear Of The Bloogen
EP 06 - Operation Smakback
Episode 2, Captain's Jihad was never released on VIMEO.
As far as I know, Episode 2 is not on the internet at all.

Here are links to the episodes which are available for viewing:

Star Trex: The Ultimate Follies (Dolls moved around by hand, parody, adult fan). 
Season 1
Episode 1, Adventure on Tiki Island (17:55)  Drugs and sexual situations, but presented in a negative fashion.
Episode 3, The Handicaptain (20:30)
Episode 4, Enter the Brown Fist (25:24)
Episode 5: Fear of the Bloogen, The Star Trex Halloween Special (22:59) , 
Episode 6: Operation Smakback:  (27:12)

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Post 1 Contents

1  The following are the continuations of adult only Fan Film and other Star Trek content from Star Trek Reviewed, vis:

2.  Dark Frontier

3.  Blog 220.  German Language Star Trek Fan Films

4. Blog 33, Star Trek: The Mego Picture

5. Blog 146, Comedies and Parodies.

6.  Blog 223 French Langauge Star Trek Fan Films.  Raumschiff Surprise

7.  Clstrmaps

8.  Animations Gone Bad

9.  Pornographic Fan Films.   Also Blog 246 Star Trek Names Not Associated with Star Trek Films including pornographic and other adult fan fiction.

10.   Blog 144.  Really, Really Bad Stuff.

11.   Star Trek, The Ultimate Follies.

12,  Star Trek TNG XXX Parody Trailer

13.  Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, and Commercials.

14.  Red Shirts, The Series.

15.  Star Trek Archer/AKA Starcher Trek

16.  When Stars Collide.

You are invited to read the primary website, Star Trek Reviewed! Use Google Translate and Click HERE

邀请您的星际旅行审核! 点击这里

Post 2 Dark Frontier

2  I have not reviewed this, but based on their own warning, this has been moved here.

the You Tube channel to find their releases: The home base is Lake City, Florida, USA There are seven episodes available,

two from this page:
Their MySpace Page warns of 'explicit content' but I have no idea what.

Their You Tube channel is here:

Episode 1: Out of Shadows   Can be downloaded here: or viewed here:

Episode 2: Thy Promise Made, Thy Promise Kept   Can be downloaded here: or viewed here:

Teaser for Episode 3:
(to my knowledge, this was never made)

Dark Frontier Episode 101 Preview: (2:45)

They announced their intention to stop producing Star Trek Fan Films and instead produce independent Science Fiction work which can be run with commercials and otherwise generate revenue.

Operation Deliverance is a 5 part miniseries:
"Voice From The Past" (14:02) or
"Dead on Arrival" (14:06) or
"The Infection"  (16:22) or
"Appropriate Action" (13:03) or
"Reclamation"  (11:39) or

They released the final part of this series May 14, 2010.

On February 15, 2011, they released a five part series NOT based on Star Trek. Dark Frontier, Operation Deliverance.  It can be found and viewed or downloaded here: or here:

Teaser Trailer for Season 2, released May 12, 2012: (2:11)
Second Trailer, Released Oct 21, 2012:  (4:26)

They also announced a new Trek project entitled, "Dark Academy" which will follow "Dark Frontier: Vanishing Point" which will tie up lose ends in the earlier stories from "Dark Frontier"  However, it does not appear they ever released these films:

Post 3 Posts Removed From German Language Star Trek

(C) These films called the U.S.S. Halfmoon, are classified as 'Star Trek' in the Dailymotion, but don't look like Trek to me. They are in German, and not rated G by American standards:

Uss Halfmoon Eipisode 1: Alone in the west
(this one has English Subtitles. It appears to be a parody or comedy of some kind)

U.S.S Halfmoon Episode IV: Die Rettung at . Animated.

Post 4 -- Star Trek, The Mego Picture


(A) Star Trek: The Mego Picture (Action Figures, (9:20))  You Tube Home:

Episode name, "Who Mourns for Mugatu?"  with William Shatmego and Leonard Nimego .   Includes dolls have sex.  We don't see the organs, but we see the legs and the back and forth motion.

Star Trek: The Mego Picture, the Sequal Trailer:  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." "The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" "Oh Sh-t"  (0:54)

Star Trek: The Mego Picture 2, "For the World is Hollow, and I have Touched your Thigh"  Captain Kirk, charged with over 70 crimes, calls upon Denny Crane to defend him.  Most of the charges are for 'fraterizing'.
Beginning: (6:13)
Conclusion: (6:57)
The trial consists of numberous tapes of the Kirk doll having sex in different situations.  Ends with Kirk in prision and Crane off with the females.

Post 5 -- Comedies and Parodies.


(A)  This is a conversation which contains profanity and suggestive langauge.  A Heart to Heart with Guinan

(B)  This is labeled as "Mature" at the website where I found it:
Space Cadets

(C)  Linked from Trailers for proposed fan films, (K) This is labeled "Restricted."   You Tube Trailer  Not clearly a Star Trek fan film as opposed to a general parody of space adventures.  Uniforms are a take-off on Silver Age uniforms.

(D)  "Life In Space" was completed and has been posted here: (14:13).  Although as of August 21, 2012, it is private and not available for viewing, it was available on February 3, 2013.

For trailer and older version see

(E)  This has a warning of Adult Content.  It is an Anime trailer for Star Trek XI. (2:38)

(F)  Star Trip The ...What? Generation ("TWG.")
Episode 1: Star Trip:  TWG: Foul langauge (12:12).  This version is supposed to run better: (12:09).
       Episode 2: Star Trip: TWG: "A Sticky Situation" (foul language and violence)   (12:51)  Vimeo: (12:50).

(G)    Crew Trek.  (Live Action, Comedy, Young adult fans, time line not clear).  Released an episode, but it ends, "To be continued..." and doesn't tell a story.  It's more like an opening chapter or scene.
Home Page:
Episode 1: (7:19).
Episode 2: Lift Off (4:55) .(May, 2012)

(H)   Another Star Trek Parody.  (Animation. Sound quality issues). (10:21)

(I).  Star Cats.  Foul Language only.

(J).  Space Dicks.  Suggestive Fight scenes add to the fact that all the people are Dick shaped.

(K)  Star Voyager: BeardPornTv, Parody inserts foul language and references to sex and drugs,

Post 6 French Trek.


(D) French Parody Trek: Raumschiff Surprise Periode 1 STARTREK  Includes exerpts from a German Parody film.

Post 7


Locations of visitors to this page

Post 8 Animations Gone Bad.

8  The following are the animations which not appropriate for children.


Animator: Damar
His animations use foul language, depict use of illegal drugs and drunkenness.

The Klingons Attack
  Part 1 (1:02) Kirk gets drunk, Spock smokes pot, Kirk defeats a Gorn while Spock refuses to help.
  Part 2 (1:46)
The Gorns Shall Feast Part 1 (0:42) (No part 2) Kirk and Spock are defeated by Gorns and served for dinner.
Star Treak [sic] and Star Wars Mix
  Part 1 (1:17)
  Part 2 (0:35)
The Ambush Part 1    (0:48)
  Part 1  (0:36)
  Part 2  (0:31)
Spock Turns Evil
  Part 1  (1:36)
  Part 2  (1:08)
  Part 3  (1:45)
  Part 4  (2:35) The Battle of Vulcan
  Part 5  (2:46)  The Great 3 Battles of Vulcan
  Part 6  (1:29)  The Final Ending
McCoy to the Rescue  (3:03)
The Mix Up  (4:55)
Kirk's Killer  (1:20)
Kirk Can Text (0:46)
To Save Vulcan (1:23)
Total: 25 min 35 seconds

Post 9 Pornographic and other adult-oriented Fan Fiction


Shadows and Suns  Early Golden Age, follows Captain Pike on the Enterprise.  Adult language.

Star Trek: New Worlds A website which collects an anthology of fan fiction, including pornographic Trek fiction.

Web Ring

This Ain't Star Trek (4:51) Opening section of a porn video from Hustler.  Cuts off just before the sex a starts.

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Post 10 Really Really Bad Stuff!

10  Bad AND Offensive!  Yikes!

Star Trek: The Lost Conversations.  Parodies, just by their nature, are often both bad and offensive.  So, it's hard for a parody to be so bad it winds up here, AND has to be moved to Star Trek Restricted!   But this 3 parter made it!

From (E)
It's dirty, but no visuals!
Part III

From (I):
The dirt is entirely in the language, which is offensive racially as well.
Deep Space Parody.  Uses bad DS9 footage and an offensive fake sound track. (5:44).  Has the highest dislike/like ratio of any video I've seen on You Tube.

From (J)

You Tube Poster:  Looks like Mechinima, all the characters look the same but with some added characteristic (hair, lack of hair). Foul language, violence.  Characters are not related to TNG characters except by name and format. Sound is also poor.  Not funny.
Star Trek 2 The Next Generation Part 1 (5:37)
Star Trek 2 The Next Generation Part 2 (5:52)
Star Trek 3 The End Part 1 (4:21)
Star Trek 3 The End Part 2  (6:07)