Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post 2 Dark Frontier

2  I have not reviewed this, but based on their own warning, this has been moved here.

the You Tube channel to find their releases: The home base is Lake City, Florida, USA There are seven episodes available,

two from this page:
Their MySpace Page warns of 'explicit content' but I have no idea what.

Their You Tube channel is here:

Episode 1: Out of Shadows   Can be downloaded here: or viewed here:

Episode 2: Thy Promise Made, Thy Promise Kept   Can be downloaded here: or viewed here:

Teaser for Episode 3:
(to my knowledge, this was never made)

Dark Frontier Episode 101 Preview: (2:45)

They announced their intention to stop producing Star Trek Fan Films and instead produce independent Science Fiction work which can be run with commercials and otherwise generate revenue.

Operation Deliverance is a 5 part miniseries:
"Voice From The Past" (14:02) or
"Dead on Arrival" (14:06) or
"The Infection"  (16:22) or
"Appropriate Action" (13:03) or
"Reclamation"  (11:39) or

They released the final part of this series May 14, 2010.

On February 15, 2011, they released a five part series NOT based on Star Trek. Dark Frontier, Operation Deliverance.  It can be found and viewed or downloaded here: or here:

Teaser Trailer for Season 2, released May 12, 2012: (2:11)
Second Trailer, Released Oct 21, 2012:  (4:26)

They also announced a new Trek project entitled, "Dark Academy" which will follow "Dark Frontier: Vanishing Point" which will tie up lose ends in the earlier stories from "Dark Frontier"  However, it does not appear they ever released these films:

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