Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post 5 -- Comedies and Parodies.


(A)  This is a conversation which contains profanity and suggestive langauge.  A Heart to Heart with Guinan

(B)  This is labeled as "Mature" at the website where I found it:
Space Cadets

(C)  Linked from Trailers for proposed fan films, (K) This is labeled "Restricted."   You Tube Trailer  Not clearly a Star Trek fan film as opposed to a general parody of space adventures.  Uniforms are a take-off on Silver Age uniforms.

(D)  "Life In Space" was completed and has been posted here: (14:13).  Although as of August 21, 2012, it is private and not available for viewing, it was available on February 3, 2013.

For trailer and older version see

(E)  This has a warning of Adult Content.  It is an Anime trailer for Star Trek XI. (2:38)

(F)  Star Trip The ...What? Generation ("TWG.")
Episode 1: Star Trip:  TWG: Foul langauge (12:12).  This version is supposed to run better: (12:09).
       Episode 2: Star Trip: TWG: "A Sticky Situation" (foul language and violence)   (12:51)  Vimeo: (12:50).

(G)    Crew Trek.  (Live Action, Comedy, Young adult fans, time line not clear).  Released an episode, but it ends, "To be continued..." and doesn't tell a story.  It's more like an opening chapter or scene.
Home Page:
Episode 1: (7:19).
Episode 2: Lift Off (4:55) .(May, 2012)

(H)   Another Star Trek Parody.  (Animation. Sound quality issues). (10:21)

(I).  Star Cats.  Foul Language only.

(J).  Space Dicks.  Suggestive Fight scenes add to the fact that all the people are Dick shaped.

(K)  Star Voyager: BeardPornTv, Parody inserts foul language and references to sex and drugs,

(L)  Star Wreak - Captain Picard tries to get Worf to smoke MJ.  It's a cut-up of TNG stills with mouths made to move. (0:40)

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