Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post 10 Really Really Bad Stuff!

10  Bad AND Offensive!  Yikes!

Star Trek: The Lost Conversations.  Parodies, just by their nature, are often both bad and offensive.  So, it's hard for a parody to be so bad it winds up here, AND has to be moved to Star Trek Restricted!   But this 3 parter made it!

From (E)
It's dirty, but no visuals!
Part III

From (I):
The dirt is entirely in the language, which is offensive racially as well.
Deep Space Parody.  Uses bad DS9 footage and an offensive fake sound track. (5:44).  Has the highest dislike/like ratio of any video I've seen on You Tube.

From (J)

You Tube Poster:  Looks like Mechinima, all the characters look the same but with some added characteristic (hair, lack of hair). Foul language, violence.  Characters are not related to TNG characters except by name and format. Sound is also poor.  Not funny.
Star Trek 2 The Next Generation Part 1 (5:37)
Star Trek 2 The Next Generation Part 2 (5:52)
Star Trek 3 The End Part 1 (4:21)
Star Trek 3 The End Part 2  (6:07)

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